"Increase your PROFITS, build an INSPIRED TEAM, and create patients who are RAVING FANS...it's YOUR time."
"Increase your PROFITS, build an INSPIRED TEAM, and create patients who are RAVING FANS...it's YOUR time."
The #1 Online Dental Coaching Program
For Dentists and TEAMS!
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Dr. Katie To Nguyen watched an 11-minute training in the U, used our ready-made templates, and in a 6 hour day started life-changing treatments for her patients and had an over 20K collection and 30K production day!

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About Our Community
"The fastest way to success is to surround yourself by those already crushing it and to be humble enough to say "teach me".  

I wish I would have had access to this knowledge before I spent a lot more on less valuable coaching some years ago.

Even for dentists starting out, this is a truly affordable price and exceptional value for all of this information,  And it is pressented by an actual practicing dentist who has accomplished everything in here.  The best way to accelerate quickly is to repeat proven success strategies.  Even for those who have been practicing for a while, there are a lot of tips to streamline a good practice into an even better one. Get in now!! You'll be glad you did.

Dr. Helen Harquist

The level of openess and support in the U is unique and special.

Dr. Anissa Holmes is the real deal and I’m so glad I clicked on her FB page 4 months ago. She’s inspired me to take control, to challenge myself and to learn so that ultimately my business partner and I can shift our focus to areas that will enable us to get to the next level. We’ve been happier since starting our journey with her. I first joined her FB Mastery for Dentists and then the Delivering WOW U Community. Since applying her FB strategies, my practice FB page gained a little over 200 new FB page likes—in just 4 months… all by myself. Engagement has increased and people are responding. Her Delivering WOW step-by-step strategies have been tremendously helpful as well. As a result, my practice has been able to implement systems that has improved office flow, service, staff morale and ultimately patient experience. Patients are noticing and referring, reviews are growing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to be a happier and healthier dental owner running a successful dental practice.

Dr. Cindy Chay
What makes the U unique?
The U is all about helping you to get results in a supportive environment. This level of support is what dentists pay thousands for with traditional dental coaching.
Is all the info in the U available all time??
Yes…you'll have access to all courses and modules 24-7. Additional trainings are added every month.
Do you offer a trial period?
Yes...you can join now for only $7. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Dentist, Business Acceleration Coach, Social Media Strategist, and Best Selling Author is a top leader in the dental industry. Dr. Holmes has coached and advised coaches, million dollar practice owners, and startup practices. 

Based on her massive success, Dr. Holmes has been featured in top dental publications, such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Products Report, and has been featured as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry. 

Dr. Holmes has also been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 100 countries. Dr. Holmes is the Founder of Delivering WOW U, and runs Facebook and Business Acceleration Bootcamps for Dentists to 10X their team performance, profits and brand.
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"If I didn't believe in WOW U completely - so much so that I would recommend it to all my friends and family - I wouldn't put my name on it"

~ Dr. Anissa Holmes

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